Could the Fall be a Seller’s Market?

It is often said that fall and winter are considered the slow season for listing a home to sell. However, Realtors have seen a change in recent years and this old adage isn’t holding as true anymore thanks to motivated buyers and less competition. Strategically, these two conditions could make the fall the best time to make your move.

Buyers who are out looking for a home during the fall months are typically needing to find a home quickly do to a job relocation or other life change, making them eager and ready to buy the right house.

In addition to a more keen buyer, listed houses often face less competition during the fall and winter months. This less saturated market can be a huge advantage to the seller.

Furthermore according to research on listed homes compiled by the Redfin Corporation, homes┬álisted during the off months “have a 9 percentage point greater likelihood of selling, sell a week faster, and sell for 1.2 percentage points more relative to list price than homes listed in any other season.”

It’s time to put the thought of slow fall season to rest and get your house ready to sell.