Handy Storage Ideas for Small Laundry Spaces

Handy Storage Ideas for Small Laundry SpacesMany laundry rooms are small and cramped, which can present a serious storage issue.  If you are in a tiny, closet-sized space with barely enough room for the washer and dryer themselves, where do you store your detergent?

What if you have something that can’t be put in the dryer and needs to be hung somewhere?  What if something needs ironed?

These handy tips to maximize space can help:

  1. Fold-outs, slide-outs, and retractables.  When you have limited space, you can either buy or make things that can be hung on the wall and only pulled down when needed, such as fold-down or slide-out ironing boards and drying racks, or retractable clotheslines.  That way, they are only out when being used, and out of the way when they are not.
  2. Baskets.  Baskets are a great way to organize things in your laundry room, and they are also very versatile in terms of where you can put them.  They can be stored on shelves, in cubbies, or even hung on the wall.
  3. Stackables.  If the space is narrow, you may can free up some storage space by stacking things vertically.  In some cases, even the washer and dryer themselves can be stacked.
  4. Shallow or slanted shelving or cubbies. Shallow shelving or cubbies can provide storage in a limited space.  If you need something deeper, you can slant the structure and put a lip along the edge to hold things in place and keep them from sliding off (or out, if it is a cubby).   
  5. Build a platform.  If you need more storage space, but don’t want everything to be overhead, consider building a raised platform to put your appliances on with storage space underneath it.
  6. Cabinets.  You may can save some space by replacing your cabinet doors with a curtain or sliding doors so that you don’t have to account for the space required to open the cabinet doors outward to access what is in them.

These tips can help open up a small laundry space and make it easier to do what needs to be done more efficiently and without feeling cramped.

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