How To Winterize Your Home on a Budget

Caulking windowSafeguarding your home against the winter weather is one of the top concerns for most homeowners. No matter where you live or what type of harsh weather you experience, it makes sense to secure your home against the elements in order to protect your investment, and more importantly to ensure your family is safe and comfortable.

At The Doug Erdy Group, we like to keep our clients, community members, partners, and neighbors up-to-date on the latest in home improvement, protection, and technology. We also like to give tips on how to do things on a budget because nowadays we can all use a little extra in our wallets.

Below are suggestions for how to winterize your home on a budget:

• Basic caulk gun and tubes of caulk to fill gaps in siding, windows, and doors. A caulk gun is usually around $20 and tubes of caulk are approximately $8 a tube. You will probably need anywhere from three to five tubes.
• Plastic film window insulating kit, which will cost you about $20. You’ll need enough for five to six windows.
• Weatherstripping for windows. You will need four 17-foot rolls, which may run you about $5/roll.
• Replacement filter for your central heat and air unit. It’s important you change your filters on a regular basis. We suggest changing your filter once a month. The cost for a filter is usually around $8.
• Door threshold/sweep strip to fill air leaks beneath doors. Most homes have three doors that face outside. Typically the strips cost $25 each.
• Door gasket to fill leaks around doors. You’ll need three and the cost is normally about $25 each.
• For those who are really on a budget, roll up a towel or throw rug to close gaps at the bottom of all exterior doors, but leave the gaps on interior doors free to allow heat to circulate between rooms.
• We advise getting an annual checkup, cleaning, and maintenance for your central heating and air unit and all air ducts. The cost will be approximately $250.

It’s important to take care of your investment and make sure your family is warm, safe, and cozy for the holiday season. Although the winter weather is typically not that drastic in this neck of the woods, it’s Texas, so you never know what will happen!

For more information on how to protect your home and family from nature’s nasty weather or if you need help buying or selling a home, please contact The Doug Erdy Group today.