What a Home Buyer Wants


When someone is selling a home, it is easy to get sentimental about it and to take rejection rather personally when someone chooses not to buy.  However, to the potential home buyer, the house is merely a commodity.  They have not built memories in it yet.  They are not personally attached to it the way the seller is.  And they are not looking at the sellers’ decorating taste or the work put into building that deck or game room in the same way the seller is.  This can be difficult to remember, but to a buyer, only three main factors predict whether or not they decide to buy: price, condition, and location.

Price.  Research needs to be done to find out whether the home is in a buyers’ or sellers’ market.  It is important for a seller to remember that the potential buyers have access to the current market information just as the sellers do.  While it may be tempting to ask for a higher price because of how much a seller personally values a home and what it means to him or her on an emotional level, this could result in an inability to sell.  Stay within the confines of the current market for that area, and try to keep emotion out of it.

Condition.  Many condition issues are easy to fix and don’t cost much, if anything, to accomplish.  Make sure the yard is mowed and any landscaping looks tidy, the paint is clean and fresh-looking, the floors are clean and not outdated, the walls are not outdated in terms of color or wallpaper patterns, and that you don’t have things like creaky steps, dripping faucets, or other maintenance issues.  People are a little more skeptical about buying homes at this point, so sometimes these seemingly small issues could actually make the difference on whether or not someone decides to buy.

Location.  While there is not much you can do about where your home is located, you can make it more attractive with things like landscaping, fencing, improved condition, and lower price.  If the location is prime, however, it is still important not to overprice, because this will cause a higher level of scrutiny on the part of the potential home buyer.

Here at The Doug Erdy Group, we can help sellers analyze these factors and get the home sold quickly and for a good rate.  For more information, contact us today!