Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Breaking the BankIn our January 27th post, we mentioned that an up-to-date kitchen was an important factor in trying to sell your home, because many potential buyers see the kitchen as one of the deciding factors in whether or not to buy.

Freshening up a kitchen that is the wrong kind of vintage doesn’t have to put you in the poor house, however.  Whether you are looking to sell, or just want to makeover your kitchen, there are lots of fairly cheap ways to make your kitchen stylish and modern (or vintage in a good way).

  1. Paint.  A simple coat of paint on the cabinets and/or walls can spruce up your kitchen and change your look.  Light colors in a wipe-clean finish will brighten up your kitchen and be easy to maintain.
  2. Faucets, fixtures, and hardware.  Another quick, easy, and inexpensive update is to change out the sink fixtures and the cabinet hardware.  (Try to resist the temptation to get something too cutesy or trendy, though; it could get old very fast.)
  3. Backsplash.  Whether it is small tile or metal or something else, a backsplash not only protects the paint behind it, but it can also add some character to your kitchen.  And, since it is a relatively small space, you won’t have to shell out that much in materials.
  4. Lighting.  A well-placed pendant light and some under-cabinet lighting can increase both the attractiveness and the functionality of your cooking and gathering space.
  5. Cabinet doors.  Replace solid cabinet doors with frosted glass doors or remove them altogether to open up the space or display interesting or attractive pieces.
  6. Fixtures for hanging.  Short on drawer or cabinet space?  Consider hanging commonly used utensils or pots and pans on the wall.  For utensils, you can use a towel rack with S-hooks, and for pots and pans, a sturdy curtain rod.
  7. Counters.  Use Corian to replace counters, which can give the illusion of granite without the cost, or simply paint and seal with Rust-Oleum.
  8. Rugs.  A rug in front of the sink, range, or island can not only provide an accent to your kitchen, but also give your feet and legs a break in the places you stand most.

A home’s kitchen is often not just the place where the cooking and dishes get done; it is one of the gathering spots of the household and therefore should be an enjoyable space.  These tips can help make that happen without making a huge dent in your budget.

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