How to Sell Your Home Fast in a Down Market

How to Sell Your Home Fast in a Down MarketThere are several tricks to selling your home more quickly, even when the market is down, and when you want to sell your home fast, they can make a lot of difference.

  1. Maximize your curb appeal.  Make sure the landscaping is neat and tidy, that the exterior paint and the door are in good condition, and that your house stands out somewhat from the others on the street.  Potential buyers start to form opinions before they even walk in to the house, so make sure that first impression is a good one.
  2. Remove anything too personal.  You want your buyers to be able to envision themselves in that space, which will be much harder for them to do if they are surrounded by your personal items and style.  Remove any family photos, unique knickknacks or furniture, general clutter, and make sure the interior paint is fairly neutral and up-to-date.  You may want to hire a stager to come in and help with this task.  You also need to make sure that it is thoroughly clean.
  3. Remove pets and their effects when the house is being shown.  Not everyone likes pets, and so not only do they need to be gone, but so do their toys, food and water bowls, and litter boxes.
  4. Don’t make extensive upgrades right before selling.  While some small upgrades can improve your chances of selling quickly, don’t spend a whole lot of money upgrading your home because you are unlikely to get much of it back.  Exception: if your kitchen is older and out of style, you may want to invest in getting it up-to-date.  Many buyers put a lot of consideration into the kitchen space when looking to buy.
  5. Make sure it is not priced too high or too low.  You have to find that nice middle ground between asking too much or too little.  Ask too little, and people start wondering what is wrong with it; ask too much, and people think you are unreasonable and unwilling to negotiate.  However, it is better to ask slightly below what you would like and see if you can bid it up rather than asking too much and trying to negotiate down, especially when the housing market is down.
  6. Have the right broker.  The person helping you sell your home needs to be familiar with the area and know what amenities are nearby, as well as knowing what your particular home has to offer. 

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