Landscaping Tips for the Beginner DIY-er

Tired of too much open space in your yard, but don’t want to pay the hefty price for a landscape designer? Do the landscaping yourself! There are all Landscaping Tipskinds of resources that can help you figure out the look you want and how to proceed, though you have to take into account both time and budget constraints when considering your options. These landscaping tips can help get you started sprucing up your yard yourself without breaking the bank or ending up with regrets.

  1.  Give it time. Your yard is going to be with you as long as you live in that house, so recognize that what you want it to look like now may not be what you want it to look like later. Take your time, plan it out, and move forward slowly; let it take shape in your head for a bit before jumping into the installment process. You may also want to add things here and there over time instead of doing it all at once.
  2.  Make a list of everything that you need and want in your space. Do you want a vegetable garden? Do you want a patio? Do you have kids who need a place to play? Start making rough sketches of what you want and where you would like to place those things in your yard.
  3. Pay attention to sun and wind patterns. Sometimes certain placements will need to be altered because of these things, so take them into account when designing your space. For example, you may not want to put your patio on the west side of the house, because it will get too hot. There may be a wind current that will blow out a fire pit. Functionality is just as (if not more) important than appearance.
  4. Pick a focal point, and design around that. Whether it is a fountain, a tree, the patio, or whatever, decide where you want the eye to eventually land and make sure that your design flows toward that point.
  5. Make sure that your design has some continuity. Whether it is a particular color, a particular type of plant, or some other underlying theme, there needs to be a flow to your design. Otherwise, it will look disjointed and like a haphazard mashup of elements.
  6.  Be open to change. Don’t feel that, once you are finished, it has to stay exactly that way. You may want to change out a type of flower, or add or subtract a piece along the way. Your yard can reflect your own change and growth.

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